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The 75 anniversary of the founding of the Aero Club de Reus

The 75 anniversary of the founding of the Aero Club de Reus (1935 - 2010) and the opening ceremony of the Historic Hangar of 1937, restored by the Aeroclub de Reus.
The future museum of the history of aviation in Reus, as well as airplane hangar.

We hangar spaces available. Ask.


"The Republican hangar in Reus
Reus Aero Club was founded on 2 May 1935 and within a year it had the land on which to
locate the runways. However, the project was halted temporarily by the eruption of the civil
war (1936-1939), started by a military uprising against the legitimate Second Republic. In
October 1936 the project was started up again and in 1937 a hangar designed by Russian
engineers was built there. The hangar had an area of 2,650 m2 and could house large
aeroplanes; it was a building unique in the whole of Spain that, because of its advanced
features, made the airfield at Reus an important element in the aerial defence of the

Aeroclub de Reus. (flying School - flying Club)
2010, September, 18

Reus Airport (LERS)
Autovia Reus - Tarragona, s/n.
43204 Reus (Tarragona) Spain.

phone: +34 977 771911

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