martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Airport of Bern in Belp. CH

On my trips, when I have the opportunity I dedicate some of my time to visit some airport or flying club just to see planes. It’s not strange because my love of the aviation world comes from afar with familiar history in the Aeroclub de Reus and in Commercial Aviation.

During this month (August) I had the opportunity to visit, once again, Switzerland, a country that I’ve loved since those distant years of my adolescence. Well, taking this opportunity of being in the Emmental I went to visit the airport of Bern in Belp (BRN/LSZB).

A small but well fit out airport, located in an idyllic place. I was surprised by an object near to the terminal’s entry, in front of the traffic circle that takes to the area where hotels, cafes, car parks, bus stop…etc are located. It was a big sphere made of steel with a security glass, it was easily accessible for the people that meets there or waited, or who was just, like me, trying to see how planes were taking of and landing.

That half steel and half glass sphere gives to the visitor the possibility to contemplate the airport, the landing strip and the commercial planes traffic, from the school or private, always watched from the big Control Tower, erected majestically next to the hangars and in front of the platform full of well lined up planes. It’s a great show where, without forgetting the security measures, people can see that aircrafts taking of and landing, and they can watch the services process, and we all who love taking pictures about planes, we can do it comfortably.

I found it a good idea because the security measures weren’t infringed but however it was easy to see all the aerial proceedings, a perfect view of the landing strip, the planes evolution and the helicopters. It’s happiness for everybody and lots of pictures.

It’s a shame that usually is not as easy in other many airports.

R. Tàpias


Aeroclub de Reus

Airport of Reus (LERS)

Reus, Spain.