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sábado, 11 de junio de 2011


FIRA D'ENTITATS (entity fair) DE REUS 2011

Results of the draw flight. Fira d’Entitats of Reus, 28th May 2011.

Come to fly with us.

In the last edition of the Feria de Entidades in Reus, Saturday 28th May, in Reus, the Aeroclub de Reus, founded in 1935 was there in a stand to promote powered flights and make our aeronautical activities known, and also the Pilots School and the availability of place for hangars of planes.

During that event we made, as we had announced, four lots with 1/2h flights for two people, to make the experience of flying known to the public who visited us during the fair. It was part of our program to make known our aeronautical activities, our facilities and the renewed historical hangar from 1937 and the new partners call, approaching all the means we had to make it real the possibility to fly, to know a new experience and see the territory from the air perspective, and provide the obtaining of the Private Pilot Licence through our pilots’ school. Our history, started the 2nd May 1935, endorses us.

The winners in this edition 2011 have been mr/mrs:


Congratulations to all the winners.

We take advantage to thank and congratúlate the fair Organizers (Participació Ciutadana de l’Ajuntament de Reus), for their work and hits and specially for having made a new edition posible.

We remind you that the Aeroclub de Reus accepts agreed visits for students to visit our facilities, the planes, hangars, workshops, pilots’ school.

We have available places of hangar and offers to make hours of flight, taking advantage of a good weather during all the year and a cultural and gastronomic background of a big importance, on the one hand the beautiful mountain places and on the other hand the spectacular Mediterranean beaches, without forgetting the wide variety of hotels, and with some of them we maintain a collaboration relationship.

INFO: Aeroclub de Reus, phone: +34 977 771911

Aeroclub de Reus

Reus Airport

43204 REUS (Tarragona). Spain