martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

Airport of Bern in Belp. CH

On my trips, when I have the opportunity I dedicate some of my time to visit some airport or flying club just to see planes. It’s not strange because my love of the aviation world comes from afar with familiar history in the Aeroclub de Reus and in Commercial Aviation.

During this month (August) I had the opportunity to visit, once again, Switzerland, a country that I’ve loved since those distant years of my adolescence. Well, taking this opportunity of being in the Emmental I went to visit the airport of Bern in Belp (BRN/LSZB).

A small but well fit out airport, located in an idyllic place. I was surprised by an object near to the terminal’s entry, in front of the traffic circle that takes to the area where hotels, cafes, car parks, bus stop…etc are located. It was a big sphere made of steel with a security glass, it was easily accessible for the people that meets there or waited, or who was just, like me, trying to see how planes were taking of and landing.

That half steel and half glass sphere gives to the visitor the possibility to contemplate the airport, the landing strip and the commercial planes traffic, from the school or private, always watched from the big Control Tower, erected majestically next to the hangars and in front of the platform full of well lined up planes. It’s a great show where, without forgetting the security measures, people can see that aircrafts taking of and landing, and they can watch the services process, and we all who love taking pictures about planes, we can do it comfortably.

I found it a good idea because the security measures weren’t infringed but however it was easy to see all the aerial proceedings, a perfect view of the landing strip, the planes evolution and the helicopters. It’s happiness for everybody and lots of pictures.

It’s a shame that usually is not as easy in other many airports.

R. Tàpias


Aeroclub de Reus

Airport of Reus (LERS)

Reus, Spain.

martes, 18 de agosto de 2009

Come and Fly

Come and Fly with us.

Discover "Costa Dorada" from the air.

Aeroclub de Reus

Aeropuerto de Reus
REUS, Spain

martes, 28 de abril de 2009

Let's save the Spantax Convair Coronado EC-BZO


We recommend Link from a page to facebook dedicated to the recovery and the restoration of an airplane, the Convair Coronado. "Let's save the Spantax Convair Coronado"

"Hello everybody!

As the number of foreign friends joining the group has grown significantly, we decided to launch a mirror group in English language where we'll keep you up to date regarding all the news that take place on the restoration process of the EC-BZO. Step by step we'll add contents and expanded information in the group.

Group facebook EC-BZO Salvemos el Coronado de Spantax"

Best regards.

Ramon Tàpias

Marketing & Communication

Aeroclub de Reus

martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

The results XLVI Rally de la Calçotada

Celebrated the 7th of March 2009 in the Airport from Reus organized by the Aeroclub de Reus, it was celebrated the XLVI Rally de la Calçotada.

The results:

1st Toni Ferré/Josep MªNiubó, Aeroclub de Lleida, EC-ERC, PA-28, 280 points.

2nd Carlos Eugui/José Luis Erro, Aeroclub Pamplona, EC-GLF, C172, 296 points.

3rd Fco.Javier Marichalar/Javier López, Aeroclub Pamplona, EC-BBL, Rally, 920 points.

4th David Pérez/Igor Eugui, Aeroclub de Reus, EC-JHS, SIERRA, 1070 points.

5th César Santesteban/Oscar Alonso, Aeroclub de Pamplona, EC-DBU, PA28, 1294 points

6th Eneko Etxegarai/Francesc Segura, Aeroclub de Reus, EC-FPE, C152, 1296 points.

7th Xavier Cànovas/Adolfo Pérez, Aeroclub de Reus, EC-JFZ, PA-28, 3.620 points.

The weather didn’t help us because of the strong wind, that difficulted the flight.But the party continued with a great “calçotada” during the lunch time, when we shared our experiences and some pleasant hours in company of our friends and people with our same hobby.

The act ended with the awards giving, and with a few words to thank the pilots given by the President of the Airclub of Reus.

Ramon Tàpias, webmaster - Aeroclub de Reus -
Airport of Reus. 43206 Reus, Tarragona, Spain. Phone: +34 977 771911

viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

Activities Aeroclub de Reus, flying club

  • Calçotada Rally

    We announce you that we already have the date for the celebration in the Aeroclub de Reus, the next Calçotada Rally in its 46th edition. It will take place the next Saturday 7th of March 2009 (Reus Airport).
    The competition’s timetable it’s still not determined, and the price of the calçotada (typical food in our zone) in the bar-restaurant of the Aeroclub de Reus will cost 25 € approximately per person (price still must be confirmed) . We will give you more information.

    Organized by the Aeroclub de Reus
    If you’re interested in participation, send us an e-mail to or phone to 00 34 977 771911. You can also ask directly in the Aeroclub de Reus, in the offices timetable.

    We’re wishing to see you in the Aeroclub de Reus.

  • Winter Rally

    This Saturday 24th the Aeroclub de Sabadell (Airport Sabadell) organizes it’s Winter Rally.

    This is the timetable:

    09:00 Participating reception
    10:00 Briefing
    11:00 The competition Starts
    14:00 Breakfast and prize-giving

    We cheer you to participate because this kind of competitions are a good system to improfe our flying aptitudes, and a good way to foment the comradeship and the opportunity of meeting new friends

    Remember that if you want to participate in this kind of competition, you must obtain the federation licence, that we can process from the Aeroclub de Reus.

INFO: Aeroclub de Reus phone 00 34 977 771911 - e.mail: & Aeroclub de Barcelona Sabadell 00 34 93 7101952 - e.mail:

R. Tapias

webmaster Aeroclub de Reus

Airport of Reus. Reus (Tarragona). Spain phone 00 34 977 771911

domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

Come and Fly - Aeroclub de Reus, flying club

Aero club de Reus, Flying Club

If you live in a country where the weather don’t let you fly during all the year and you need to do maintenances and accumulations of flying hours, the Air club of Reus can help you. Consult us about it.
The Air club of Reus is located in the Reus Airport (Reus, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain). You can find the latitude and length information in & Google Maps
We are located in the Golden Coast "Costa Dorada", where the climate is mild during all the year, what lets us flying almost always. We enjoy an excellent Mediterranean climate, with really good air and land communications.
Air club of Reus "Aeroclub de Reus", located in the Airport of Reus (Reus, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain), with excellent facilities, a good aeroplanes fleet, flying school of private pilots, offices, restaurant and snack bar, car park, hangars and mechanic workshop.
The Airport of Reus is commercial and international. It has really good facilities and excellent and long runways of asphalt. Here you will find all the services you can need.

The Flying Club of Reus, located in Reus (Tarragona, Golden Coast, Spain), enjoys the sea and the mountains because of it’s privileged location. The journey by car to Barcelona lasts just an hour on the motorway, the one that unites us to all Europe.

From Reus you will enjoy the mountains and the sea, with an excellent gastronomy.
We advise you the touristic trips like “El Delta de l’Ebre”, “La Ruta del Cister”, the rout of the wine (Priorat, Montsant…), “Ruta del Modernisme” in Reus and Barcelona, the seas of Salou and Cambrils, the restaurants of Cambrils, the visit to Tarragona with it’s Roman history. Really near (200 km), ski slopes on the Pyrenees mountains and the Andorra Princedom.
If you want to go shopping, Reus gives you an excellent offer of the best shops.
All that things and much more curiosities are the ones that you can discover here.

Inform yourself in the Air club of Reus "Aeroclub de Reus, flying club"about the group offers to carry out you practices and accumulation of flying hours, with special packs, with interesting prices, flying in days and timetables to agree that must be reserved previously, with the aeroplanes fleet of the Flying club of Reus "Aeroclub de Reus".

Contact information.
Ask us, we will answer as soon as possible: contact Phone 00 34 977 771911

Special offers for our friends and costumers at the hotels: Hotel Mas Passamaner, Hotel Termes de Montbrió.

See also our webpage: "Real Aeroclub de Reus Costa Dorada"