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Come Fly with us

Come Fly

Come fly with us. Discover the Costa Dorada from the air. Enjoy the natural park of the Ebro Delta from the air. Admire the territory.

Good flying sensations, experiencing the joy of flying while enjoying the spectacular scenery, with its partner, family or friends.

Organize your own air tour.

The spectacular sensation of flying is available to everyone. Adventure assured. An unforgettable experience. A gift. A very funny bachelor party. A romantic flight.
Different holidays to know the area from the air, with a "Baptism of Flight" in one of our aircraft.


The capacity of the aircraft is 3 passengers plus the pilot. (We also have a 2-seater aircraft and occasionally up to 6 seats).

The flights will run from 10:00 h. in the west every day of the year where weather conditions and technical possibilities allow.

Payment is due at the secretary of the Real Aeroclub de Reus - Costa Dorada, before boarding.

There is the possibility of the baptism of the air with a route different from the standard routes established in the application to the Aeroclub de Reus, previously.

According to the Air Navigation Act dated 07.31.1960 and the RD 2333/83 of 4 August, passengers will enjoy a passer-partner insurance.

Minors must be accompanied by their parents or establish a written permission from parents or guardians.

We recommend using comfortable clothes and sports, especially footwear.

Get a quote, information and reservations Aeroclub de Reus, Contact Phone: 977 771911 or by e-mail:

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Some of our itineraries to "baptism of the Air" you can see the following link:


The Aeroclub de Reus, is located at the Reus airport. 43204 REUS (Tarragona, Catalonia) Spain. A prime location for sightseeing flights to meet the Camp de Tarragona from another perspective, its mountains, its villages and towns, its beautiful coast, the charm of the Delta Ebro.

Reus is a commercial and cultural city, well connected, with many buildings of modernist architecture (Art Nouveau).

Tarragona, a city with an extraordinary wealth of Roman culture.

A wonderful environment of beaches that make the Costa Dorada, and a rich cuisine, seafood and land.

Other places of interest:

- The Cistercian Route.
- The Ebro Delta
- Route of the Pyrenees.
- Costa Dorada.
- The Sierra de Prades and Montsant.
- The Priorat and fine wines with character.

Access: From highway, rail and air.

Real Aeroclub de Reus - Costa Dorada "Aeroclub de Reus, founded in 1935 (75th anniversary of the foundation).
• Pilot School.
• Beginners Courses powered flight.
• Baptisms flight (Air tours).

Reus Airport
Autovía Reus – Tarragona, s/n. (Highway Reus - Tarragona)
43204 Reus (Tarragona). Spain.

Also: Ap. de Correos nº 494 – 43201 Reus.
Phone: +34 977 771911

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