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Activities and news from the Aeroclub de Reus

Activities and news from the Aeroclub de Reus.

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  • NEXT ACTIVITY: 13th February 2010. Meet of planes at the Aeroclub de Reus, located at the Reus Airport, Reus (Tarragona), Spain. "LERS". On this planes meet we will know each other, we will know new friends and if the meteo is good we will be able to fly to our space and know the Gold Coast from the sky. We cheer you up to come with your planes, to book our planes, and after flying we alse cheer you up to stay and have lunch with us at the bar of the Aero club de Reus and we'll have a typical "Sardinada" (sardines from the Golden Coast) from the Costa Dorada (Catalonian Mediterranean Sea). The price of the meal will be 10 euros per person (it includes: sardines, bread, wine and water). Timetable: 11am to 14pm. BOOKING: you have to book for advance at the Aeroclub de Reus, phone +34 977 77 19 11 or via e-mail: WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! For more information, contact with the Aeroclub de Reus.

  • We cheer you up to visit the Aero club de Reus and our territory (Camp de Tarragona) and Reus city, the beaches from the Golden Coast and other places of touristic and cultural interest. COME TO FLY WITH US! Ask for hour packs' offers to fly at the Aeroclub de Reus. We have some recommended hotels that are collaborators with us for if someone wants to stay some days in our territory.

  • Aeroclub de Reus. Flying school PPL-A.

  • We also offer air trips, flight baptisms, iniciation to fly.

  • The Aeroclub de Reus has all the services and as examples we can talk about the bar/restaurant, the workshop of planes' mantainment, and hangars.

  • Now we are restorating a historical hangar from 1937 (built by the Russians during the Spanish civil war). This building has been saved and we are very happy with this. We think that will be working at March. It will be a hangar for renting places to park planes and a part will become a Museum of the aviation history in Reus. This restoration has been possible thanks to the official helps of the "Memòria Històrica" of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Diputació de Tarragona, AENA, Ajuntament de Reus and the own Aeroclub de Reus. If you want to make a place reservation on this hangar you have to talk with the Aero club de Reus.

  • We hope we can tell you soon the date of the Air Rally "Calçotada" 2010, punctuable for the Catalonia championship that we celebrate on our territory, organized by the Aero club de Reus during all the morning. And finally, a lunch (calçotada), a typical food from here, and the awards giving to the champions of the different varieties.

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