martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

The results XLVI Rally de la Calçotada

Celebrated the 7th of March 2009 in the Airport from Reus organized by the Aeroclub de Reus, it was celebrated the XLVI Rally de la Calçotada.

The results:

1st Toni Ferré/Josep MªNiubó, Aeroclub de Lleida, EC-ERC, PA-28, 280 points.

2nd Carlos Eugui/José Luis Erro, Aeroclub Pamplona, EC-GLF, C172, 296 points.

3rd Fco.Javier Marichalar/Javier López, Aeroclub Pamplona, EC-BBL, Rally, 920 points.

4th David Pérez/Igor Eugui, Aeroclub de Reus, EC-JHS, SIERRA, 1070 points.

5th César Santesteban/Oscar Alonso, Aeroclub de Pamplona, EC-DBU, PA28, 1294 points

6th Eneko Etxegarai/Francesc Segura, Aeroclub de Reus, EC-FPE, C152, 1296 points.

7th Xavier Cànovas/Adolfo Pérez, Aeroclub de Reus, EC-JFZ, PA-28, 3.620 points.

The weather didn’t help us because of the strong wind, that difficulted the flight.But the party continued with a great “calçotada” during the lunch time, when we shared our experiences and some pleasant hours in company of our friends and people with our same hobby.

The act ended with the awards giving, and with a few words to thank the pilots given by the President of the Airclub of Reus.

Ramon Tàpias, webmaster - Aeroclub de Reus -
Airport of Reus. 43206 Reus, Tarragona, Spain. Phone: +34 977 771911

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